How This Functions

Establish and make a deposit in an account

Choosing any payment option make payment in your wallet after signing up. If you also have funds in your trading account at Winsorfx, you can use Internal Transfer to add money to your wallet from it. Your unspent funds will be displayed as the balance in your wallet.

Join the master traders

Click ‘Copy’ to find the masters you want to copy. The positions would immediately be copied. Deposit percentage setting assists in handling the portfolio. To decide which of them works best for you, try copying various strategies.

Track and Earn

You can create a decent and expanded trading portfolio and earn a steady income with an infinite number of masters to copy. At any given moment, you still have complete control over the process and can modify / stop copying trades. In your copier area you can see the detailed trading details for copied Master Traders.

Track the most
lucrative traders

It’s not mandatory to
be a Forex Specialist

Diversified portfolio will
lead you have a
secured income

This allows traders to copy more successful traders
and earn themselves an extra income.

Copy the finest trader
Simple entry for novices to the Forex market.
Diversification of your portfolio
From the pool of professionals, you can choose to follow a master trader
Experience the fastest order execution
Within a few seconds after the initial one, the order is executed.
Hold on track for all
At any point, you can unsubscribe, stop copying and also can close a trade.
Let it run in few instant steps
Any extra validation is not required
Safely & quickly, invest & withdraw funds
Choose from various payment options available

Various Advantages

Mobile App Copy Trading

  • Concentrate on investing with an easy Winsorfx copytrading app.
  • Regulate your portfolio and investments.
  • Monitor the performance of Master Traders for insightful investment.
  • Monitor how your funds are invested and handle risks.


Have questions? Get started with our FAQ or contact us for assistance.

How would I choose the Master Traders?

Master stats include gain and number of copiers, commission, trading pairs the Master uses, profit factor and order directions as well as many other factors that you can review before making your decision to copy someone. Before copying starts, you set a deposit percentage and choose the amount of funds to invest in a specific Master.

In terms of volume and leverage variations, how does copying work?

The copied trade volume depends on the leverage and equity of both Master and Copier accounts and is measured as: Volume (copied trade) = Equity (Copier)/Equity (Master) x Leverage (Copier)/Leverage (Master) x Volume (Master).

Explanation: The equity of the master account is $500, and the leverage is 1:200, the equity of the copier account is $200, and the leverage is 1:100. On the Master account, 1 lot trade is opened. The copied trade volume would be: 200/500 x 100/200 x 1 = 0.2 lots.

Are you charging some commission for copying masters?

WinsorFx does not charge any extra commissions. The only commission you pay is the commission of Master, which is individually specified and charged in $per lot of volume traded.

What does deposit percentage mean?

Deposit percentage is a choice that you put before copying that allows you to manage your risks. Any percentage from 1% to 100% will equal this. If the current equity goes down by a fixed amount (20%) from your balance according to the following formula, you fixed this parameter and new trades won't be copied:

Equity (Copier) < (100% - Deposit Percentage) x Balance (Copier).

You may adjust it when the copying of the master trader is running.

Could I restrict copying the Master?

Users can unsubscribe from Master Trader at any time and stop copying the trades. Once you unsubscribe the funds invested in the master are returned to your wallet, plus any benefit from copying. Please ensure that all current transactions are closed until unsubscribing.