How This Functions

Open Master Account

Open a Master Account by tapping on the Master Area. Either you can create a new one or allocate your master account to an existing one.

Settings of Accounts

Keep prepared for copiers with your Master Account. set the amount you would like to charge and explain your plan.

Track and Earn

Make use of Master Area to review comprehensive trading data, modify the settings of your account, and view the amount you have received.

* When you are an IB, the IB commission and copy trade master commission amount may not exceed $15/lot.

An extra source of revenue is provided by Winsorfx Copytrading: create a Master Trader Account
and explain your plan then set your incentive so that others can copy your trades.

Establish several Master Accounts for various approaches

Monitor accurate data for your orders and the commission of the Master in the Master Area

Experience the advantage of no extra commission imposed by WinsorFx

Master Area for you in

Winsorfx Android Trading App

  • Establish Master Accounts
  • Monitor data wheresoever you are on the copiers and commission
  • On spot handle copying requirements for the new followers


Have questions? Get started with our FAQ or contact us for assistance.

● How am I authorized to be a Master Trader?

Any WinsorFx client can become a Master Trader with an MT5 account. Only go to the Master Area and have your Master Account set up.

● How do I modify the sum of the incentives I charge my Copiers?

Just go to your Master Area, preview Settings, use a slider to modify the incentives and then save modifications. Only after the modification will the new incentives be paid to Copiers to subscribe to you. The incentives number will remain constant for all other copiers.

● When am I going to collect compensation payments from copiers?

Payouts are made every week on Mondays at 12 a.m. (EET).

● When is the commission charged to my Copiers?

By the time you open a trade, the commission is paid.

● How am I going to get the remuneration?

We'll get it shifted to a unique wallet. You can connect it to any of your trading accounts or withdraw it from your wallet.